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General Contracting Services.

General Contracting Services are the foundation of what we do every day. At HIMA we coordinate activities between our clients and their consultants and draw from a portfolio of pre-qualified subcontractors to assist with the implementation of the project goals and vision.  Every trade is competitively bid to ensure the most qualified and cost conscience subcontractors are considered for our clients’ important projects. 

 HIMA Group is available to perform complete general contracting services for all types of projects, regardless of size or scope. In that respect, HIMA can be an invaluable resource during complex projects or fast-track renovations, especially in occupied areas.

 We offer a comprehensive menu of services and value-engineering strategies that ensure construction excellence from the pre-construction planning phase through project completion. In addition, HIMA Group aids in the procurement of all long-lead items and the pre-purchase of owner-furnished equipment. We carefully screen and invite only proven firms to participate in the bidding process. Upon receipt of each bid, we extensively review the subcontractor’s submission to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. This, combined with qualifications evaluation and certainty schedules can be met, are the drivers in subcontractor selection. After evaluating the price and subcontractors past experience and qualification in specific construction type, we recommend the best qualified subcontractor for each trade and will ensure that the cost is with in the budget.

HIMA’s construction management team provides a well organized approach and methodology to ensure that information flows in an efficient and timely manner during construction phase. This ensures that trades in the field have all the information to build a quality product in concise time frame and no value is lost. We ensure that there is transparency in information distribution so that all project team members are aware of their responsibilities and can respond to complexities that may arise in a timely fashion to allow work to continue on schedule and within budget. Through the construction management approach, HIMA’s expertise is available for your benefit, providing unique solutions and recommendations and ultimately providing you with a comprehensive construction program, maximizing your budget, minimizing your time and building to the highest quality standards.

Pre- Construction Services.  
Our experienced team of Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors will assist during the early schematic stage through design development in order to produce comprehensive trade budgets that accurately reflect the scope of work and the sequence of construction. The planning stage of a project will greatly determine the project’s success. The more time spent on planning, the better the quality of the preconstruction. Our early involvement will help to establish project controls at the beginning of design development, addressing all issues that affect the constructability, cost and schedule of a project. Value management is offered throughout the project providing optimum value and quality. Getting involved early in the process allows us to identify long lead items that may impact the project schedule and , in some cases, pre-purchase those items so they do not adversely affect the schedule. During this phase, we would also solicit bids from subcontractors, level all submissions and make recommendations to the client.

Value Engineering Services.
HIMA Group assists owners, developers and architects with value engineering options to achieve design objectives and maintain budgetary expectations, with out sacrificing the functionality and esthetic look of the design. HIMA Group assists architects with the development of construction options that may be required in order to account for budget, performance, schedule and construction methods, and assists owners with researching unit prices for multiple design options. Our highly qualified estimating department tracks and records costs from past projects which allows them to draw from this historical information to provide the most accurate budgets for different value engineering options.

Commissioning, Final Inspection & Project Close Out.
The close out of a project is the last important step is a project’s success.  HIMA field staff begins the closeout phase of the project and the beginning of the construction phase.  This allows all members of the team and the trades to focus on a proactive approach to project close out rather an “after thought”.  We coordinate all applicable requirements to provide a detailed and complete close-out package within one month of client move-in